NZD monthly excl. GST

We take care of your GST requirements

Businesses who want the clarity of regular reporting and to have everything tax and GST taken care of

What's included:

Full annual financial statements

Three tax returns

General bookkeeping

Bi-monthly GST returns and reports

Annual meeting by video call

Tax planning, minimisation and management

IRD intermediary

Email support for accounting and light IT queries

Scheduled call or video call support

Accounting software

Want some clarity over where you're heading, or an employer or farmer?

Have a look at our Growth bundle and Plus section

Why pay monthly?

What we provide has value.

Traditionally, professional firms charge hourly rates and send a big invoice when the job's done. We've moved away from this and created a cost model which we believe reflects the value we're providing.

What if my business changes or ceases?

Things change and we're as fluid as you are!

You can upgrade, downgrade, and add or remove Plus items at any time. We'll check if a wash-up is needed and get you squared away.

How long are prices set for?

Your plan is set for 12 months after you sign-up so you have certainty over your cash-flow.

As we work together we'll be able to fine-tune your plan to better suit you. If you've got a significant change we'll adjust your plan to match!

What about my current accountant?

You'll just need to let your current accountant know you're on the way out and we'll manage the rest.

We provide and use software as part of preparing your GST returns. You have access to view reports and transactions, and start the transition to filing your own GST returns if you aim to do so.

Are there any extra charges?

Your plan includes all of the above. Have a browse of our Plus range for any additional services you might want.


We manage the boring part of the books; you don't even need to look at them day-to-day.

Who provides the services?

Gigaccounting Limited provides all non-accounting services. Accounting services are provided by an individual Chartered Accountant, and the relationship is facilitated by Gigaccounting Limited.