service Bundles

Core services are provided in all bundles:

Annual financial statements and tax return

Annual meeting by video call

Tax planning, minimisation and management

IRD intermediary

Email support for accounting and light IT queries

Scheduled call or video call support

Provision of software and training where appropriate

All accounting services are provided by an individual Chartered Accountant

Starting up a brand new business? Let us know! We might be able to help get you off the ground by waiving our fees


NZD monthly excl. GST

Rentals, contractors, freelancers and other non-GST registered businesses with under $60,000 revenue


NZD monthly excl. GST

Business owners who want to manage their own GST and have a sound understanding of day to day transactions


NZD monthly excl. GST

Business owners who want everything tax related taken care of including general bookkeeping and GST


NZD monthly excl. GST

Growth-oriented business who want to plan for the future and track their progress

Paid-monthly bundles mean no surprise costs for your accounting needs

Your plan is fine-tuned as we go along to make sure you're getting the best value