Light IT

Tech - we're good at it

Your practice relies on technology a lot

From the road ranger rolling with a laptop and a cellphone, to a local titan with half a dozen on-site servers, there's value we can add and time you can save

Let us be that handy-to-have guy that fixes the computers

General software


General usability, crashes, slowness and error debugging


Mobiles and cloud services



Accounting software


Essentials - bank feeds, payroll, and everything else Essentials. We're Essentials natives

Accountants Enterprise - very customisable can mean very hard to troubleshoot. We have Administrator experience in AE


All aspects of Xero ledger use


CashManager, CMRural and Online, BankLink and Reckon. We've used plenty of client-software

Hardware and server


We can keep keep on top of your setup, give advice and make recommendations

If you already have a contract with an IT firm we can supplement this by acting as a middle-man; we'll use our knowledge of your systems to give quick answers and translate tech speak in to plain English


We have experience in managing and monitoring Windows server software to maximise reliability

Usage examples - large firm

HAL Accountancy has 25 PC's and 3 onsite servers. They use components of MYOB AE. Their clients use a mix of other products. A local IT firm set up their servers and they maintain a SLA for backups and disaster recovery.

Regular activities several times per week

    • Monitor the email spam filter for legitimate contact
    • Review antivirus status and Windows updates on the whole network

Other regular activities

    • Review hardware list for obsolescence and liaise with management and Local IT about upgrade plans for the next two years
    • Consider ageing and life cycle of major software i.e. MS Office suites and incorporate changes in to the plan
    • Upgrade antivirus and email spam filter when new versions are available

Local IT firm advises anti-virus and mail protection licences are due for renewal

    • Our records show two new PC's this year. We advise management of the change to the number of licences needed for PC's and mailboxes, and have Local IT implement this

MYOB need to get on to the server to fix a database problem

    • Remotely access the MYOB server and provide MYOB with access to do the fix

A new component of MYOB is being considered by management

    • Check the requirements against the hardware and software on site
    • Provide advice about any potential changes, liaise with the Local IT firm if needed
    • Work with management and MYOB to facilitate installation
    • Perform installations on workstations remotely overnight to minimise disruption
    • Arrange for unscheduled backups as needed

Staff are complaining about a sluggish PC

    • Remotely check-over the PC for specific issues
    • Check when the PC was meant to be replaced and if any changes mean this should be brought forward, and let management know
    • Liaise with Local IT and management to select the most appropriate upgrade and install date

Management have found a better deal with a different internet service provider

    • Liaise with ISP about service type, changeover date and other details
    • Arrange for change-over date and other details with Local IT, and cancellation date with management

Usage examples - small firm

Reid and Tonto have recently started their small firm and share a laptop. They plan to use cloud products and work from their homes.

R&T need a professional email account

    • Walk through the steps to get email to their own business addresses, or handle the whole process for them


    • General guidance on DIY website providers and linking to their business address, or arranging for a professionally built site

Guidance on cloud products

    • Help pick the solution that best meets the wants and needs, and works with their other products

Ready for new gear

    • Give feedback on their picks, or advise something appropriate
    • Help with mobile plan choice and getting access anywhere

Usage examples - other

Any problem has a solution. Can't figure out how to get one ledger to talk to another, major issues with a cloud ledger, imports failing, missing files, trouble with updates. We'll find a solution.