DebitSuccess to Xero

Upload your two DebitSuccess files and this tool will convert them in to a Bank Statement import file for Xero, with NET amounts per customer (i.e. per their "customer-pays fees" model).

It expects Direct Debit and Credit Card fees only. Please let us know if you have different fees, or can think of any improvements!

Privacy note: No information is transmitted to us or any other entity. This tool runs entirely on your device and is perfectly private.

Files to upload:

  • FacilitySummary

    • This summarises the receipts and fees

  • Transactions

    • Line-by-line detail of receipts from customers

    • Excludes fees - this tool will figure out the correct fee per payment and output the net amount

Use the "Choose File" button below for both in any order

The tool will provide a CSV file for you to download.

In Xero, open your Bank and choose "Import statement". Select this CSV file and continue.

This CSV totals zero, so it won't put your bank reconciliation out.

If there was a rounding variance, that'll be a new line called "Fee adj" - code this to Bank Fees. It will be immaterial, and more accurate than hand calculations.

There is a negative figure that matches what the bank received from DebitSuccess exactly - code both of these to the same code (I recommend "Suspense"). They will net to zero. Our detailed lines replace the single bank line.